13 Jan 2000

Our Favorite Blogs

Blogs are a tremendous source of information.  Below, we list just a few of our favorites along with a sentence from each on how those blogs describe themselves:

  • Abnormal Returns: “This blog began as an outlet for a private investor’s thoughts on all manner of investment markets.”
  • Advisor Perspectives: “…provides data showing the investment trends of high- and ultra-high net worth investors, whose money is managed by fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisors.”
  • The Big Picture: “[Barry Ritholz is] a frequent commentator on CNBC, Barry L. Ritholtz is a weekly guest on Kudlow & Company. He has guest-hosted Squawk Box on numerous occasions, and also appears regularly on Bloomberg, Fox, and PBS.”
  • CXO Advisory: “ offers serious private investors, financial advisors and others information that may assist in investing and trading decisions.”
  • FT Alphaville:”FT Alphaville is a free daily news and commentary service giving financial market professionals the information they need, when they need it.”
  • “By plowing through hundreds of filings a day (more during certain times of the year) and delivering original insight and analysis, has become a must read for professional money managers and analysts, as well as sophisticated individual investors and even a few journalists who often have very nice things to say about the site.”
  • “…straight forward educational pieces on hedge fund strategies, terms & definition, trends, book reviews and interviews.”
  • Hedge Fund Appraisal: Views on various topics related to the appraisal of hedge fund products; covers subjects like investment risks, operational risk, fraud risk and regulation.
  • An alternative investments blog written by European lawyer, Robert Koller-Vernot, CAIA
  • Pension Pulse: “…a one stop center for information and insight pertaining to pension funds and financial markets.”
  • Pension Risk Matters: “…an independent information services, research/analysis and training company for the pension community.”
  • Phorgy Phynance: Where physics meets finance. An alternative view of the markets from a quant’s perspective, written by Eric Forgy, PhD, CAIA.
  • The Research Puzzle: “…musings and questions that are intended to make you think about the puzzles that are in front of you, and to adopt a fresh approach to their solutions.”

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