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20 Jul 2000

Hedge Fund News Websites

  • Albourne Village: News, service provider listings, research library, jobs, message board.  Grand daddy of hedge fund websites.  Bills itself as an “information economy” for members of the hedge fund industry
  • Barclay Hedge Press Releases
  • EurekaHedge: News, original articles, hedge fund database
  • FinAlternatives: News, articles, research library, searches, service directory, free newsletter.  One of our favorites.
  • Hedgeco.net: News, hedge fund directory, service provider listings, jobs, industry data/information
  • HedgeFund.net: Manager database, news, free weekly newsletter
  • HedgeWeek: News, jobs, extensive industry research, extensive service provider directory
  • Hedgeworld: Extensive news, hedge fund database, service provider listings, for-fee newsletter
  • Hedge Fund Center: US-focused news, research library, message board
  • Hedge Fund Law Report: Weekly analysis of developments in hedge fund law and regulation, by subscription
  • Hedge Fund Research: Hedge fund database, for-fee articles/reports
  • Hedge Funds Review: UK-focused magazine, news, original articles
  • HFM Week: UK-based magazine, news, original articles, searches, service provider listing
  • Opalesque: Extensive news clippings and original content covering various issues of interest to hedge fund managers, for-fee
  • Pensions & Investments: Prestigious website that delivers news, research and analysis about pension investing
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