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Tiptoe Thru’ the Cryptos With Yale

Oct 9th, 2018 | Filed under: Newly Added, What about beta?, Institutional Investing, Emerging Alternative Investments, Digital currencies, Endowments & Foundations, Institutional Asset Management, Other Topics in A.I.

By Bill Kelly, CEO, CAIA Association Fifty years ago, Tiny Tim, the ukulele-wielding father of falsetto, released his self-aggrandizing album entitled God Bless Tiny Tim. Love it or hate it, those of a certain generation will never forget Track 2 entitled “Tiptoe Thru’ The Tulips With Me.” In the modernRead More

Wrangling the Unicorns: Yale celebrates their VC heroes

May 15th, 2016 | Filed under: Newly Added, Private Equity, Institutional Investing, Venture capital, High-net-worth investors, Endowments & Foundations, Institutional Asset Management, Private Investments, Allocating to A.I.

Yale, in their 2015 annual report issued this month has broken out their private equity allocation into two distinct segments: Leveraged Buyouts and Venture Capital.  See: This is the first time in many years they’ve offered that level of detail.  And they’ve given the whole report a VC-and-entrepreneurial theme, supplementing theRead More

The Skorina Report: Why You Can’t Clone Yale

Apr 5th, 2016 | Filed under: Newly Added, Institutional Investing, Endowments & Foundations, Institutional Asset Management, Allocating to A.I.

By Charles Skorina   Can you copy great endowment investment performance?  The Yale endowment, for example? Reverse-engineering a good performer is probably achievable.  The key attributes can often be identified and, to some extent, duplicated. But can you replicate great performers? That’s a much taller order.  There’s always something slightlyRead More