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Institutions that Integrate ESG Considerations: 6 Types

Jun 8th, 2017 | Filed under: Alternative energy, Climate change, Newly Added, Other Topics in A.I., Social investing, SRI and Clean Energy

A new white paper from the Investor Responsibility Research Center (the IRRC Institute) in conjunction with Sustainalytics looks at the various approaches that investors, institutional investors in particular, might and do take to integrate ESG issues into their portfolio decisions. Specifically, the IRRC and Sustainalytics, two Manhattan-based research groups longRead More

Shedding Light on the ESG/SRI Scene      

Dec 6th, 2016 | Filed under: Climate change, Newly Added, Other Topics in A.I., SRI and Clean Energy

The US SIF Foundation has published its latest Trends Report on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing. On the one hand, this is a statistical snapshot of US-domiciled assets in the ESG/SRI field at years’ end 2015. On the other hand, it offers fascinating historical material making it clear how weRead More

Taking the Alcohol Out of the Wine:  A Decarbonized Index

Jul 19th, 2016 | Filed under: Climate change, Newly Added, Other Topics in A.I., Socially responsible investing, SRI and Clean Energy

A recent publication in the Financial Analysts Journal presents a model by virtue of which long-term passive investors may hedge the risks associated with climate change and/or with climate change related public policies. One incidental feature of the article is the sense it provides of the difference between carbon-free indexesRead More

The Canary in the Coal Stocks and Fossil Fuel Divestment: the Portfolio You Save May Be Your Own

Sep 14th, 2015 | Filed under: Climate change, Commodities, Energy

A Wall Street analyst recommends bottom fishing in fossil fuel stocks and does an excellent job in analyzing all the market forces EXCEPT the primary one, rapidly increasing climate change. If he is typical of Wall Street expert analysis on fossil fuel stocks, be afraid. Be very afraid. Read More

Climate Finance: A Priority for the MDBs

Jul 15th, 2015 | Filed under: Climate change, Social investing, Socially responsible investing, Technology

A new report from the World Bank says that six multilateral development banks delivered more than $28 billion in financing in 2014 that "address climate change" in one of two ways, mitigation or adaptation. Read More

Windfall: a Book on the Rise of the Climate Investor Class

Aug 6th, 2014 | Filed under: Alpha Strategies, Climate change, Energy, Social investing

Guest columnist Doug Friedenberg reviews "Windfall," and looks at the potential for investing in a changing climate.Read More