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Real Assets and Environmental/Social Impacts

May 11th, 2017 | Filed under: Alternative energy, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Other Topics in A.I., Real Assets, SRI and Clean Energy

It’s an old debate: does socially responsible investing under its variations (including “impact investing”) come at a cost in terms of risk-adjusted performance? Or does it actually add a dividend, so that one does well by doing good? Or are impact and non-impact investing in otherwise comparable assets on aRead More

Highlights in the Growth of Farmland Funds

May 9th, 2017 | Filed under: Agriculture, Farmland, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Real Assets

Highquest Partners and a product strategist for timber and agriculture at GMO LLC (Julie Koeninger) have collaborated on a white paper on the history of farmland investment, at its heart the story, first, of how farmland has grown (since the late 1980s and the rebound from the farm crisis earlierRead More

Metals and Mining: A Tale of Two Doughnuts

Apr 12th, 2017 | Filed under: Industry Size & Managers, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Real Assets, The A.I. Industry

Preqin has turned its Spotlight on Real Assets in a new publication, drawing our attention in particular to metals and mining. Among the institutional investors that say they are targeting unlisted metals and mining focused funds over the coming twelve months, Preqin names three as “samples”:  the Compagnia di SanRead More

SWFs Looking to PEs Both as Intermediaries and as Co-investors

Feb 2nd, 2017 | Filed under: Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Operationally Intensive Real Assets, Real Assets

A recent working paper from the European Corporate Governance Institute discusses direct investment by sovereign wealth funds in private equity transactions – that is, it discusses an ongoing shift from investing in PE funds to co-investing with PE funds. The paper describes this as a trend especially viable in theRead More

TIAA Report On Responsibility and Farmland

Dec 11th, 2016 | Filed under: Farmland, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Real Assets

Biff Ourso, TIAA’s portfolio manager for agriculture investments, says in a prefatory message to their new report that “concerns have been raised about whether investment in regions such as Brazil contribute to land conflicts, lead to the displacement of local people … or foster excessive pesticide usage.” TIAA, which hasRead More

Preqin on Ag Funds and Their Managers

Dec 1st, 2016 | Filed under: Farmland, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Real Assets

Fundraising for agriculture/farmland-focused funds has been remarkably strong recently, according to research by Preqin, the multi-national data and consulting firm. Farmland has been aptly described as the “oldest alternative investment” and dates as far back as 9,000 years ago. The focus on Preqin’s special report on agriculture is somewhat more recentRead More

Islam, Western Pensions, and Real Assets

Oct 18th, 2016 | Filed under: Allocating to A.I., Institutional Asset Management, Institutional Investing, Intellectual Property, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Operationally Intensive Real Assets, Real Assets

A recent academic discussion of the much-vexed question of Islamic finance (including the always at least implicit query, how does it fit into the broader usually non-Islamic global picture?) focuses on the role in Islam of real assets, understood as tangible objects such as land, buildings, machinery, and commodities. TheRead More

Private Capital Fundraising Slows: Green and Brown Valleys

Jul 14th, 2016 | Filed under: Farmland, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added, Operationally Intensive Real Assets, Other Topics in A.I., Real Assets, Real Estate, Real Estate Equity Investments

Preqin, the multinational data and consulting firm, has looked at the second quarter and found it was, for private capital fundraising  … slow. So was the quarter before it. Together they made up the first half of 2016, in which the funds closed in the world of private capital globallyRead More

A Perennial Gale Hits the Coffee Industry

Jan 11th, 2016 | Filed under: Agriculture, Commodities, Commodities, Farmland, Investing in Commodities, Natural Resources and Land, Newly Added

The popularity of the drip coffee maker is in decline, or at least it has passed its peak.  In 2013. 58% of coffee drinkers had used such a coffee maker on the day before the day they were asked, that is, “yesterday.” That number was down to 54% in 2014,Read More

PwC on Mergers and Acquisitions Activity

Jul 28th, 2015 | Filed under: Agriculture, Alpha Strategies, Currencies

"Not moving is more risky than moving," said one CEO asked about mergers and acquisitions. "We will make more acquisitions, but they’ll probably be larger in nature, more transformative. " Read More

Farm Land: The Risks & Rewards of Buying Direct

Jun 7th, 2015 | Filed under: Farmland, Infrastructure, Institutional Investing, Real Estate

Guest columnist Andrew Smith, CAIA, examines the risks and rewards of investing directly in farmland.Read More

Contexts for Population Growth, U.S. and China Co-Dependence, Fracking

May 26th, 2014 | Filed under: Agriculture, Emerging markets

What is the big picture for these authors? Are China and the U.S. trading places, so that China will have a middle class and the U.S. won’t? No. What is happening is a bit more subtle than that. Read More

GFIA: Ag Commingled Products Suffer From Market Noise

Jul 26th, 2012 | Filed under: Agriculture, Alpha Strategies

Given reasonable assumptions, one might expect that those investing in commingled products offering exposure to agriculture would take part in both good investment returns and diversification benefits. Alas, though, GFIA found no such thing, and considers the possibility that agriculture as an asset class has decoupled from fundamentals. Read More