EVENT: Alternative Beta

Organized By: IRC
Dates: February 12-14, 2007
Location: London

The dynamic duo of William Fung and David Hsieh have been referred to as the “Gilbert & Sullivan” of the hedge fund world – co-authors of seminal works whose broad themes are regularly borrowed by subsequent playwrights.  Well, there’s good news for fans: the pair will be appearing together for a command performance in London this February. 

This event seems to pick up where Hsieh recently left off at another major institutional conference: at the point in the story where the “alpha protagonist” declares that hedge fund betas can be used as a substitute for hedge funds themselves.

Key numbers from this next act include:

  • “Alternative Beta and Alternative Alpha – what are they and can you invest in them?”
  • “Alternative beta strategies – will the hedge fund industry follow the path of passive investing, just as the traditional fund management industry did 25 years ago?”  (ed: try 10 years ago, according to Merrill Lynch!)
  • “How can alternative beta replications be used for tactical positioning in a multi-strategy framework?”
  • “Allocating to alternative beta in a pension fund”
  • “…is there any alpha left or just betas?”

…and the timeless ballad…

  • “Exotic beta – the grey area between alpha and beta”

Looks like a rollicking good time for the whole family (there’s even a cameo from Lars Jaeger).  Gilbert and Sullivan would be proud. 

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