EVENT: Portable Alpha Plus

Organizer: Strategic Research Institute
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Dates: January 28-31, 2007
SRI bills this event as one of four “concurrent events” at its 2007 Alternative Investment Round-up (Yeeee-ha!).  Featuring actual case studies, this sounds like it could be a very interesting event.  According to the programme, the conference will include:

    • “…case studies by investors who have completed implementation and can speak to their experiences.”
    • “…user-friendly tips on how to explain the program to board members and trustees.”
    • “…what comes next – implementation —not in theory but in practice —“
    • “…risks (that) lie beyond the concepts – and how we know if we are getting all the facts…”

And, you get to hang out in Arizona in January.  How can you go wrong?

Link to Programme

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