Breaking News: Alpha Male is not actually a David Hasselhoff fan.

04 Dec 2006

Last week, we made reference to how Germany was not afraid to form its own unique opinions (e.g. the Bundesbank’s skeptical view of hedge funds that runs counter that that of the Bank of Canada).  Another example we cited of how Germans aren’t afraid to march to the beat of their own drum: their unique affection for actor David Hasselhoff.

Fans of TV’s Saturday Night Live will remember comedian Norm Macdonald grilling Hasselhoff in his now famous Fake News segment, eventually declaring “…Which once again proves my theory: Germans love David Hasselhoff!”.

Anyway, our story seems to have made the rounds since then (, Albourne Village) – which has prompted us to make the following important clarification: Alpha Male is not actually a David Hasselhoff fan!

(Although Baywatch wasn’t the worst show ever…)

– Alpha Male

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