EVENT: P&I Absolute Return/Alpha Conference(s)

Dates: May 7-9 (East Coast), May 21-23 (West Coast)
Location: New York (East Coast), San Francisco (West Coast)
Organized by: Pensions & Investments

Thanks to its big-name sponsors, drinks are on the house at these two events.  In fact, everything is on the house at these events – as long as you’re an end investor or pension consultant. 

According to the programme, whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s all about alpha:      

“Alpha – everyone wants it; few find it consistently. That is today’s investing reality. Many in the investment community claim that the search for alpha is a zero-sum game: if you capture alpha, then someone else has left it on the table. But investing is rarely that simple, as each investor, pension plan, fund endowment or foundation has a different investment horizon and risk tolerance. Yet the focus on alpha seems to preoccupy all investors, whether they know it or not.”

Showing how we’ve moved beyond simply “portable” alpha to what we still call alpha-centric investing for lack of a better term, P&I aims to cover:

“…a panoply of strategies (that) offer the opportunity to tailor alpha strategies to meet the needs of plan sponsors. These include portable alpha and alpha transport strategies, once used by only the most sophisticated investors and now available in many forms to all comers. Absolute return vehicles and structured products are gaining in popularity, particularly among sponsors that are not using derivative products already within their plans.”

Looks like an interesting event.  And if you shlepp yourself from New York over to the Bay Area, you could double your enjoyment courtesy of those deep-pocketed sponsors. 

View Conference Homepage (programme is “coming soon”)

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