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Alpha Magazine’s new “Hedge Fund 100” ranking has attracted a lot of media attention recently (NYT, MarketWatch, FT, Reuters).  But while you can get a listing of the top 5 hedge fund firms on the Alpha Magazine website, you seem to be out of luck if you want to see the whole listing.  Says the magazine’s website: “Alpha magazine subscribers can read the full article by clicking here”.

But click on the link anyway and presto, you get to see the whole enchilada (for now).  We love free stuff at  So we were also pleased to find this relatively new, little-publicized and free Interactive Rankings homepage.  Michael Peltz, Executive Editor of Alpha Magazine, tells the site was launched recently and is offered free of charge “for now“.  (See related video of Peltz on CNBC talking about the recent “Hedge Fund 100” rankings.)

As you can guess from its name, the website is packed with all of Alpha’s most recent rankings issues – The “Hedge Fund 100”,  “The Alpha Awards” (for service providers), and “The Money Issue” (on industry compensation).

The Money Issue (Compensation)

Turns out there’s money in them there hedge funds.  Select a region, number of years of experience and a job title (e.g. UK, 10 yrs, CIO) and find the mean, median and (90%) range of compensation according to Alpha’s survey of nearly 900 hedge fund professionals around the globe.  For example, somewhere in the “Asia-Pacific Region” some “junior analyst” is getting by of a paltry US$170k (about $170k more than, say, a hedge fund blogger, but that’s in a different ranking I guess) while the average US hedge fund CEO made about US$5m last year (most of it in bonuses).  The site also allows you to search by single manager or funds of funds.  (example screen shot below)

Link to Money Issue

The Alpha Awards (Service Providers)

This survey is pretty nifty too.  It ranks administrators, law firms, accountants, prime brokerages etc. on dimensions such as expertise and client service.  It also includes the favored service providers of the elite “Hedge Fund 100” (above).

Here’s a quick taste:

Link to Alpha Awards Issue

The Hedge Fund 100 (Largest Managers)

This, of course, is the recently released ranking of the top 100 largest hedge fund firms in the world – arranged in groups of 10 as below.

Link to Hedge Fund 100 Issue

Each of the sections of also contains full texts of the various articles that were published along with the rankings.  So next time you are angling for a big fat raise, looking for a new service provider, or just want to know if Eddie Lampert (of ESL) was bigger than Goldman Sachs yet, this is a great place to start.

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