Conference proceedings amount to alpha-centric radar screen

In the spring, we told you about a couple of conferences put on by Pensions & Investments “the international newspaper of money management”.  The twin events were called the “Absolute Return / Alpha Conferences” and were held during consecutive weeks in both San Francisco and New York in May.

P&I recently posted the conference proceedings and most of the slideware from the event on their website.  Naturally, it’s hard to follow many of these presentations without the benefit of having heard them yourself.  But for those of us who were busy those weeks, the presentation materials are still somewhat indicative of major trends and issues in alpha-centric investing.

The agendas for both events were basically the same (with one notable exception – see below).  Here is a listing of some of the more alpha-centric agenda items along with links to related content:

The East Coast rendition included a solo by Harvard’s Randy Cohen.  Alpha Male is a fan of Cohen and has spoken at some of the same alpha-centric conferences in the past.  We covered one of Cohen’s articles last fall – see “Are Hedge Fund Fees a Bargain? And Other Conundrums of Balancing Active & Passive Management” and we think his slide presentation from this P&I event is also well worth a read.

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