What do AllAboutAlpha.com, John Bogle and Robert Reich have in common?

12 Nov 2007

Pension & Investments, “The International Newspaper of Money Management” launched its new blog feature today, christening it the “Blog Bank“.  The Blog Bank currently contains 27 blogs selected by P&I editors.

And once again, AllAboutAlpha.com is ranked near the top of the list (okay, it’s alphabetical) – edged out by perennial winner, our good friend “Abnormal Returns“.

Also on the list are bloggers extraordinaire Barry Ritholz (“The Big Picture“), Paul Kedrosky (“Infectious Greed“) and Greg Newton (“Naked Shorts“) along with MSM blogs FT Alphaville, NYT Dealbook and WSJ MarketBeat.  In addition, celebrity blogs starring John Bogle (“Bogle eBlog“) and former US Cabinet Secretary Robert Reich (creatively named “Robert Reich’s Blog“) are in the Bank.

Why lop such a recalcitrant, iconoclastic and seditious blog as AllAboutAlpha in with such august company?  Apparently to mix it up a little.  Last month P&I described our editorial committee as the “rabble-rousing, reformed-hedge-fund-manager blog editors“.

You can take that to the bank.

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