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15 Jun 2008

State Street world’s largest again: According to Pensions & Investments, State Street Global Advisors is the world’s largest institutional manager for the 7th year in a row ($1.8 trillion AUM).

“Best Blogs”: Speaking of P&I, we think they are one of the best.  Coincidentally, that’s exactly what they said about us in their recent ranking of “best blogs” (where they ranked us #9).

Increased regs not in the cards for hedge funds: Morningstar says their database is “the closest hedge funds are going to come to oversight” in the near future.

Seed capital providers now vital for funds: The FT reports that as assets get harder to raise, some are saying “seeders” are just about the only way to go for hedge fund start-ups.

Value Partners Says Smaller Hedge Funds Face Takeover: …and if smaller funds don’t have access to a sugar-daddy “seeder”, guess what…

Several 130/30 funds come to the market: Investment Week reports that Roger Ibbotson is about to launch a 130/30 fund.

The hedge fund industry is big. Make that really big. Or sorta big?: Reuters provides a great summary of the myriad of ways to determine the actual size of the hedge fund industry.

Goldman offers mutual fund based on hedge fund index: After launching its Absolute Return Tracker (ART) index last year, Goldman has now built one of its own funds around the “hedge fund replication” model.

The LDI analogy of pensions and airlines: One expert says that airlines and pensions face the same challenge – fluctuating liabilities.

Battered funds cling to hope of recovery: One noted manager hits the nail on the head with regard to hedge funds’ PR problem, saying they “have an image problem among some institutional investors…the perception that the sector is dominated by cowboy attitudes, high fees and unfavorable risk adjusted returns.”

The Lo Down: The Economist scrapes bottom of pun barrel to draw attention to Andrew Lo’s new book.

Study finds managers prefer lean teams: This is exactly why we’ll never see a lot of lay-offs in the hedge fund industry.  There’s no one to lay off.

Portfolio construction job one, study says: Cerulli report says that two-thirds of asset managers surveyed are planning to develop alternative investments or products that blend traditional and alternative strategies.

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