Video: Ken Shoji, Founder & Managing Partner, Stissing Lake Advisors

Risk management 11 Mar 2012

From Lynne Feldman, Director of Marketing at the CAIA Association:

Ken Shoji, Chief Operating Officer, GSB Podium Advisors LLC, discusses risk management in hedge funds, including measurement, analysis, and reporting; liquidity management; risk budgeting and allocation; and tail risk strategies . Mr. Shoji spoke with Wendy L. Coleman, CAIA, CFA, FRM, Senior Advisor to the CAIA Association, in New York, NY.

The series will continue in the coming weeks with interviews with Cristian Tiu, Assistant Professor of Finance, University at Buffalo; Investment Committee Member, University at Buffalo Foundation and other experts.

We hope you enjoy this new video series, and please forward your comments so we can develop future conversations that are interesting and relevant to you.

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