The Game of Fiscal Cliff

18 Dec 2012

By Thomas Schneeweis, Michael and Cheryl Philipp Professor of Finance, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

The New X Box Game:

The Fiscal Cliff – The Goal to avoid all of the following while in search of the one object which would save us – The Moral Compass.

Part I: Escape the Deficit Dragon

Abstract: When faced with the “Fiscal Cliff” we were confronted with a “Wall of Worry.”. Fortunately at the bottom of the Wall there was an opening. We crawled through the “Hole of Hopelessness” and come out refreshed that we had escaped the “”Cave of Calamity.” We at once traversed the “Benign Bog” and set sail across the “Gulf of Gullibility though the “Fog of Fallibility.” We believed we had been delivered until we heard the “Fatal Fall” which led us over into the “Drop Dead Deficit.”  More trials lay before us, including The “Senate of Senility,”  the “House of Horrors” and the “Cabinet of Confusion.” Moreover, to reach our goal that is the “Congress of Confidence”  with the “Signs of Sensibility,” we would first need to find our  trusted  Moral Compass.

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