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BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre, London Business School

Director: Narayan Naik, nnaik [at] london [dot] edu

From the Institute’s Website: Key Aims: To undertake research into all aspects of hedge fund investing, including the impact of hedge funds on the asset markets they invest in; To encourage others to conduct research, for example through visiting research fellowships and through invitations to present research at London Business School; To encourage better understanding of hedge funds.  More…

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A recent study by Franceso Cornelli and two associates indicates that there is a positive relationship, in the private equity industry, between managerial turnover and fund performance. Cornelli is Professor of Finance, London Business School, and a fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research.  The other authors are: ElenaRead More

You can lead an investor to liquid alternative beta, but will they drink?

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We’re in Chicago this week for the Managed Funds Association’s Forum 2009.  More on that later.  But for now, here is a compilation of some stories that caught our eye last week… Gates designed to keep investors out, not in It was bound to happen.  Reuters reports that: “A smallRead More

Incubation bias: Not just a hedge fund issue according to two law professors

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Academics and hedge fund investors often complain about an "incubation bias" in hedge fund data bases since reporting is voluntary (i.e., hedge fund managers will only report returns if they are good). But according to two law professors, mutual funds have been doing the same for years. And they say the SEC should do something about it. Read More