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Backwards to the Future

Apr 16th, 2019 | Filed under: Newly Added, Commodities, The A.I. Industry, Investing in Commodities, Commodity Forward Pricing, Commodities

Oliver Wyman, the international consulting group, has posted a white paper about commodity trading in the face of the “relentless erosion in trading margins” since 2014. The paper estimates, moreover, that margins will continue to decline for at least the next five years because commodity markets will continue to becomeRead More

Cotton and Tin: Spots and Futures

Jul 11th, 2012 | Filed under: Commodities

It is this backwardation, then, that is the normal situation on Keynes’ view, and the contrary situation (“contango” as it has come to be called), the one in which futures prices are higher than, and over the life of the contract decline toward, the spot price, is extraordinary. Nonetheless, contango happens. Indeed, it happens sufficiently often to have inspired a contrary theory, the theory of storage.Read More