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The Undead Enron Model Returns to the World above Ground

Nov 2nd, 2014 | Filed under: Commodities, Regulatory, Legislation/Court rulings, Energy

Enron was once the leader in a category of merchant traders that mediated in the world of energy commodities. Enron died, and banks largely took it over. Yet in spirit, at least, Enron is back. Read More

Old-Line Oil and Coal are Techno and Exciting These Days

Oct 1st, 2014 | Filed under: Venture capital, Alternative energy, Energy

Revolution is underway in the energy world. For investors, one of the most unexpected facts about this revolution is that it permeates precisely those portions of the energy sector long thought sleepy and conventional: the fossil fuels. Read More

IEA Says Investment In Clean Energy Will Keep Growing, Slowly

Sep 2nd, 2014 | Filed under: Alpha Hunters, Alpha Strategies, Alternative energy

Guest columnist Andy Tully looks at the future of renewable energy investment and finds a future so bright, you might need to wear shades.Read More

High-risk Investing – The New Trend in Energy: Interview with Andrew McCarthy

Dec 2nd, 2012 | Filed under: Alpha Hunters, Alpha Strategies

Guest interviewer James Stafford talks to Andrew McCarthy about the new trends in energy trading.Read More

A Look at the Dubai Mercantile Exchange with Christopher Fix

Nov 27th, 2012 | Filed under: Commodities, CTA

An interview with Christoper Fix, the CEO of Dubai Mercantile Exchange - home of the largest physically delivered crude oil futures contract in the world.Read More

Examiner Reports on an Ongoing Family Saga

Mar 19th, 2012 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Strategies, Alpha Strategies

The parent corporation, Dynegy Inc. (NYSE: DYN) did not file for bankruptcy. As of August 31 of last year, Dynegy's only asset was the equity in Dynegy Holdings, which in turn owned various operating subsidiaries. But on September 1, Dynegy Holdings transferred its coal power facilities to Dynegy. Two months later Dynegy Holdings and related entities filed.Read More