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Lewis’ Heroes Get an Exchange for Their Speed Bump

Jun 26th, 2016 | Filed under: Newly Added, Algorithmic and high-frequency trading, Hedge Fund Strategies, Equity Hedge Funds, Hedge Funds, Business News

On Friday, June 17, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the promotion of IEX from an ATS to a proper exchange. Thereby it gave a new ending of sorts to Michael Lewis’ book, Flash Boys. One of the big issues for both proponents and opponents of IEX’ application to becomeRead More

Weeden Suggests Half-a-Loaf for IEX

Mar 23rd, 2016 | Filed under: Industry Size & Managers

As regular readers know, AllAboutAlpha has been following the continuing controversy over IEX, the ATS designed by Brad Katsuyama around a “speed bump.” For the uninitiated, that speed bump is a trick for saving institutional investors from the rigors of an otherwise-necessary arms race with the high-frequency traders. Of late,Read More

Metamorphosis in HFT: Update with Brad Katsuyama of IEX, Central Figure in ‘Flash Boys’

Sep 18th, 2014 | Filed under: Algorithmic and high-frequency trading, Hedge Fund Strategies, Alpha Hunters

Guest columnist and intrepid reporter Doug Friedenberg talks to Brad Katsuyama about HFT, Michael Lewis and more.Read More