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Structured Finance: Unleash the Inefficiency

Nov 29th, 2020 | Filed under: Derivatives, CDO Structuring and Credit RIsk, Newly Added, Credit Derivatives, CAIA Alternative Viewpoints, Structured Credit Products, Structured Products

By Shreekant Daga, CAIA, CFA, FRM What is structured finance? Finance has several theoretical traditional and modern frameworks in practice. Needless to say, often the frameworks have conflicting assumptions. The sub-prime mortgage crisis is a modern classic example. Data-reliant credit rating agencies (CRAs) had not seen such a large drawdownRead More

Alpha Hunter Chris Brodie Talks About 20 Years’ Worth of Commodities

Oct 6th, 2011 | Filed under: Commodities, Currencies, CTA, Alpha Hunters, Alpha Strategies

Chris Brodie has been trading commodities for over 20 years, and set up Krom River in 2006. Scotsman Brodie relocated to Zug in Switzerland several years ago and has no regrets about the move. The fund’s best year so far was 2008 when it rose by 37% while the GSCI fell by two thirds, and it was also up in August of this year. Krom River are running both discretionary and systematic funds, and also have a dedicated agricultural vehicle. We touched on a range of topics that CAIA candidates and charterholders will be familiar with. Krom River is a signatory of the Hedge Fund Standards Board that has been discussed on AAA.Read More