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Peeling Back the Wrapper of Hedge Fund Strategies

Apr 13th, 2020 | Filed under: CAPM / Alpha Theory, Hedge Fund Strategies, Alpha & Beta, Equity Hedge Funds, Newly Added, Institutional Investing, Alpha Strategies, Event-Driven Hedge Funds, CAIA Alternative Viewpoints, Liquid Alts, Institutional Asset Management, Macro and Managed Futures Funds, Hedge Funds, Relative Value Hedge Funds, Liquid Alternative Investiments, Allocating to A.I., Other Topics in A.I.

By Aaron Filbeck, CAIA, CFA, CIPM, Associate Director, Content Development at CAIA Association During CAIA Association’s most recent Virtual Chapter event, Keith and I (virtually) sat down with Chris Tidmore, CFA, CPA at The Vanguard Group to discuss Vanguard’s recent whitepaper, “The Wrapper Matters: Comparing Liquid Alternatives to Hedge Funds”Read More


Sep 30th, 2019 | Filed under: Retail Investing, Private Equity, Newly Added, Venture capital, Equity Types of Private Equity, What about beta?, Business News, Private Investments

By Bill Kelly, CEO, CAIA Association How do you turn a millennial into a capitalist? Sell her SNAP in the post-IPO market. A little hindsight here shows how ridiculous this all looked. The initial sellers of the shares were the founders and their VCs (just under 30% of the offering),Read More