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Jun 21st, 2020 | Filed under: Newly Added, Alternative data, Institutional Investing, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Alternative Investments in Context, ESG, Endowments & Foundations, Climate change, Institutional Asset Management, Machine Learning, Other Topics in A.I.

By Ashby Monk, Executive and Research Director at Global Projects Center, Stanford University & Dane Rook, Research Engineer at Global Projects Center, Stanford University “The world needs institutional investors to save society as we know it.” Say these words to your mother, and she may check your temperature; say them at aRead More

Tech M&A Market: Demanding Sellers, Fewer Buyers

Mar 3rd, 2020 | Filed under: Private Equity, Newly Added, Venture capital, Equity Types of Private Equity, The A.I. Industry, Private Investments

Corum Group, a merger and acquisitions advisor, which works with privately held technology companies, has put out its annual report, which tells us a good deal about where the action is in the tech world outside of the public markets: focusing on strategic acquirers on the one hand and privateRead More

Alternative Investments: Investing By Numbers

Nov 19th, 2019 | Filed under: Real Estate, Private Equity, Debt Types of Private Equity, Liquid and Fixed Income Real Estate, Newly Added, Fintech, Technology, Equity Types of Private Equity, Technology, The A.I. Industry, Real Estate Equity Investments, Hedge Funds, Private Investments, Real Assets, Risk Management & Operations

What’s in the future for alternative investments asset management? A new publication from Ernst & Young, London, contends that allocations to alternative investments and are “robust,” but that there is an important shift underway in favor of private equity and at the expense of hedge funds. In 2018, 40% ofRead More

PwC Charge: Asset Managers are Digital Tech ‘Laggards’

Nov 30th, 2017 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Industry Trends, Industry Size & Managers, Newly Added, Technology, The A.I. Industry

A new paper from PricewaterhouseCoopers on the coming transformations in the asset and wealth management industries says that firms in this market must adapt or die. And the adaptation the authors have in mind isn’t just the usual Darwinian metaphor – managers must “become business revolutionaries, even disruptors” in orderRead More

Fine Print As Yet Unwritten, But the Gist is Clear for OTC Derivatives

Oct 4th, 2011 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Industry Trends, Hedge Fund Regulation, Hedge Fund Operations and Risk Management, Alpha Strategies

Clearing within ten days after the transaction (T+10) was once the norm, though it now seems archaic. Clearing overnight or in a once-a-day cycle will in the years ahead become equally unsatisfactory. It may soon “become standard practice for risk managers and eventually traders to demand proof that their trades have been cleared mere seconds after execution.”Read More