EVENT: 3rd Annual Hedge Fund Performance & Risk Measurement Event

Dates: April 17-18, 2007
Location: New York
Organized by: Institutional Investor Events

“Anything worth doing is worth measuring”, they say.  With so many potential ways to skin the alpha cat, it’s probably a good idea to stop by ii’s upcoming event on performance and risk measurement if you’re in town in mid-April. 

Says ii:

“Risk is inherent in Hedge Funds but recent events have shed a light on the negative side of risk damaging the reputation of hedge funds and causing great financial loss. It is imperative that you and your fund take action, implement strategies to minimize risk and utilize better tools to monitor/measure performance not only to be compliant but to be profitable and maximize your returns.”

Some say that risk management leading to asymmetric returns is the primary source of hedge fund alpha.  So don’t think these topics are just for your risk management people.  But it’s the “performance measurement” aspect of this gathering than caught our eye at AllAboutAlpha.  Performance attribution is a surprisingly complex topic that has evolved considerably in the past few years.  And we believe that in the end, performance attribution is All About Alpha. 

And for you hedge fund replication junkies, there’s even a session entitled “Risks in Replicating Hedge Funds”. 

View conference programme 

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