Hedge Fund Replication: Delicacy or a bunch of baloney?

We’ve been writing about hedge fund “replication” for a while and tracking the latest news on this topic.  Now it’s your turn to sound off on the issue.  Is it a genuine threat to the hedge fund industry or is it a sad attempt to discredit hedge funds?  Or is it something in between?

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  1. Bill aka NO DooDahs!
    January 30, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    I still say that, instead of targeting the return stream of the (who am I kidding, not “the” but one of many!) hedge fund index, they should shoot for a constant return stream at different CAGR levels. If they can even partially achieve smoothness in return, they will not only be noncorrelated to the stock market, but will be a better potential hedge fund substitute and a possible choice for larger allocations.

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