Video: Erik Knutzen of NEPC Speaks on the Role of Alternatives

12 Feb 2012

From Lynne Feldman, Director of Marketing at the CAIA Association:

Introducing CAIA Conversations, a series of interviews with leading alternative investment experts that showcases current viewpoints on the alternative assets covered by the CAIA curriculum.

The series launches with Erik L. Knutzen, CAIA, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, NEPC, who comments on the changing role of alternatives strategies in investment portfolios, investors’ expectations, and risk budgeting.

The series will continue in the coming weeks with interviews with David Rogers, CA, CBV, Founding Partner, Caledon Capital Management; Ken Shoji, Founder & Managing Partner, Stissing Lake Advisors; and more.

We hope you enjoy this new video series, and please forward your comments so we can develop future conversations that are interesting and relevant to you.

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  1. John R. Graham
    February 21, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    I am enjoyng these videos. Congratulations on this new service.

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