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The Environmental Road to the Future is Paved…in Green

Jul 1st, 2019 | Filed under: Social investing, Newly Added, Socially responsible investing, Climate change, The A.I. Industry, SRI and Clean Energy, Other Topics in A.I.

By Diane Harrison In January of this year, the World Economic Forum published an article, A Business Model for Sustainability, which highlighted a couple of key points relating to the growing interest in green business practices: Global finance is also inching toward sustainability. For example, environmental, social, and governance assetsRead More

Green Bonds: The Future of Infrastructure Investing

Feb 24th, 2019 | Filed under: Commodities, Infrastructure, Investing in Commodities, Debt Types of Private Equity, Newly Added, Institutional Investing, Socially responsible investing, Operationally Intensive Real Assets, Climate change, Institutional Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Private Investments, Real Assets, SRI and Clean Energy, Other Topics in A.I.

Two scholars affiliated with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Waterloo, Canada, have taken a look at the future of green bonds, that is, bonds whose proceeds are employed to fund environmental initiatives. The paper, by Olaf Weber and Vasundhara Saravade, begins with a guesstimate as to the amount ofRead More