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Net Performance Reporting: Not Just Arithmetic

Jul 2nd, 2019 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Industry Trends, Hedge Fund Operations and Risk Management, Industry Size & Managers, Newly Added, Asset Managers, Operations, Partner accounting, The A.I. Industry, Fees, Hedge Funds, Structure of the Hedge Funds Industry

Why can’t a fund manager simply subtract all fees and expenses from gross returns and present the arithmetical result to existing or potential investors? In a newly released paper, Donald Steinbrugge, the founder and CEO of Agecroft Partners, discusses how hedge funds calculate and present their net performance, and theRead More

Who said hedge funds don’t like chaos?

Feb 18th, 2010 | Filed under: Performance, Analytics & Metrics

A report from Moody's shows that hedge funds seem to hate volatility. But is this always true?Read More