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Goldman Sachs Puts Stop-loss on Options

Oct 1st, 2019 | Filed under: Newly Added, The A.I. Industry, Risk management, Risk Management Strategies & Processes, Structured Products

Goldman Sachs threw in the towel two years ago. Well, “a towel,” anyway. Goldman has lots of towels. But two years ago, Goldman gave up on market making at the US options exchanges. In time for the anniversary, Alphacution has posted a research paper on the “long arc” of optionsRead More

50 Years of Put-Call Parity

Nov 1st, 2018 | Filed under: Newly Added, CAPM / Alpha Theory, The A.I. Industry, Financial Economics Theory, Finance & Economics

It will be 50 years ago next year (1969) that Hans R. Stoll came out with “The Relationship between Put and Call Option Prices,” establishing the principle of put-call parity. Stoll’s article in The Journal of Finance was a landmark in the developing scholarship about derivatives. It preceded the workRead More